Catholic dating an atheist

How would you react if a family member were to marry a born-again Christian – or an atheist? adults – especially Christians – are neutral toward the idea of welcoming someone who doesn’t believe in God into their family through marriage.A new Pew Research Center survey found that despite high levels of political polarization overall, most Americans in each major political party said “it wouldn’t matter” if an immediate family member married someone who identifies with the opposite party. About three-quarters of white evangelicals (77%) and two-thirds of black Protestants (67%) in the survey said they would be unhappy if a family member were to marry an atheist, as did 55% of Catholics and 46% of white mainline Protestants.Each step of civilisation – each rebirth after trauma or war – has been marked by forgiveness. Silence: Mass is like a mini-retreat from the world that sharpens into focus during the “Prayer after Communion”.I imagine quite a few people use this time for silent reflection to think of, or wish goodwill towards, loved ones living and dead.What are we to make of surveys showing that many Christians do not accept basic tenets of the Christian faith?A recent You Gov poll found just 16 per cent of British Christians accept the “creation myth” – that God created man in a human likeness.

Atheists tend to react to these contradictions with mirth but, as an atheist myself, I wonder whether it would be more fruitful to question underlying assumptions we have about religious practice.

In popular literature, Catholic guilt gets a bad rap but we all know people who are morally hard on themselves, and we know people who refuse to see their own faults. (I’m with Roger Scruton when he says “good people blame themselves more severely than others would”.) 2.

The sermon: There is something incredibly grounded about a parish priest, who has spent time with people at their most vulnerable, trying to make sense of sorrow and despair.

Rather prayer in the sense of supporting what William James called “the will to believe”.

Prayer has the effect of reinforcing and hardening ideas so that they become truths – truths that we can act upon. Take grace before meals, the attraction of which is not lost on the American biochemist Leon Kass.

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