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An employee who quits without giving 72-hours prior notice may request that his or her final wage payment be mailed to a designated address.

The date of mailing will be considered the date of payment for purposes of the requirement to provide payment within 72 hours of the notice of quitting.

The Department includes the Labor Commissioner’s Office, Cal/OSHA, Workers’ Compensation, and Apprenticeship Standards divisions.

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The fact that a defense is ultimately unsuccessful will not preclude a finding that a good faith dispute did exist.

However, a defense that is unsupported by any evidence, is unreasonable, or is presented in bad faith, will preclude a finding of a "good faith dispute".

Assists the Governor in setting and guiding policy in the area of workforce development, and is responsible for the oversight and continuous improvement of the workforce system in California.

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The place of final wage payment for employees who quit without giving 72 hours prior notice and who do not request that their final wages be mailed to them at a designated address, is at the office of the employer within the county in which the work was performed. Direct deposits of wages to an employee's bank, saving and loan, or credit union account that were previously authorized by the employee are terminated when an employee quits or is discharged, and the payment of wages upon termination of employment in the manner described above shall apply UNLESS the employee has voluntarily authorized that deposit and provided that the employer complies with the provisions of Labor Code Section 213(d) relating to the payment of wages upon termination or quitting of employment.

An employer shall be in compliance with Labor Code Section 226(a) relating to total hours worked by the employee if the overtime hours are recorded as a correction on the itemized statement for the next regular pay period and include the dates of the pay period for which the correction is being made.

Labor Code Section 204(b)(2) An employee who is discharged must be paid all of his or her wages, including accrued vacation, immediately at the time of termination.

Labor Code Section 201 An employee engaged in the production of motion pictures who is laid off and whose unusual or uncertain terms of employment require special computation in order to ascertain the amount due, must be paid by the next regular payday.

The payment of wages to employees covered by this section may be mailed to the employee or made available to the employee at a location specified by the employer in the county where the employee was hired or performed labor.

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Labor Code Section 206 Note to Employers: If you have non-negotiated checks on your books which are made payable to employees whose employment has been terminated (i.e., because you are unable to locate the employee) and you have made all reasonable efforts to pay the wages, you may send the non-negotiated checks with an explanation of your efforts to contact the employee to the nearest office of the Labor Commissioner.

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