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I gave a weak wave and he took that as he knew how I would get upset if he stayed around long enough. "Okay so all you all know today was our final day of shooting Merlin and after five years of coming back to it we wont be again next year" he said and now he started to half cry "We all know what comes up after we have finished a series now that is not gonna change but this years our last one so were gonna make it special" he said grinning "For the main characters of the show Bradley, Angel, Katie and of course Colin you will be going to Florida for one full month and will be staying at the Florida Hotel.

as for the knights like Tom you will be going to Figi for a month" he said we all cheered and he motioned for us to settle down.

Although she wanted to become a fashion journalist; her beauty and acting talent saw her rise above that and become an attractive actress in her country.As we walked to the wrap up party I asked where Bradley and Katie were and she said that Bradley went to get Katie then she added that Katie was as bad as me taking years staring at myself in the mirror. When we got in there was really loud music playing.I think the song was It's Time from Imagine Dragons which I liked a lot. "Wanna dance" Katie asked as Bradley went to ask Angel.He misses his Arthur, hidden beneath the name of Bradley but sometimes, just sometimes Bradley slips into his onscreen character a bit too well and continues off screen, to Merlin's delight.Each of these precious moments, Merlin takes the liberation of filming, documenting the small moments they share as if they have both grown together with the world.

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