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This is not, however, true in every single case, any more than it is true that every child who has experience a traumatic event or events as a child will develop BPD.

This is an incredibly triggering line of questioning, but people often feel the need to ask anyway.

If getting a "B" in our coursework or flunking a job interview seems like the end of the world to us, imagine how we feel when something really serious like the death of a loved one occurs.

Bipolar Disorder and BPD are two different diagnoses.

Drinking, drugs, cutting, shopping, sex addiction – each can potentially provide a temporary relief from the maelstrom within when you suffer from BPD.

Healing takes a long time, so it's no wonder that it's difficult for many BPD sufferers to kick those addictive behaviours that provide an instant temporary crutch (while at the same time, of course, perversely hindering the process of properly healing). " is what you should be asking if you're serious about providing support.

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