Boaz dating joke

Ruth goes to the threshing floor for Naomi’s sake as much as for her own. Maybe they were a match made in heaven, maybe they were super compatible.

Date, don’t date, whatever, just be true to yourself and careful with your mind and body.

In fact, she was probably a teenager when she got married to Mahlon in the first place, and she must have been happy with him–she must have been in love with him, because when he died, she dedicated herself to Naomi.

Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law, the woman whose heart flooded with bitterness when faced with the loss of her sons, tried to send Ruth away.

We also sing these same words in reference to a relationship with God (who, by the way, is not your boyfriend). She’s still young, but she’s been married for a decade and is a widow, and her dedication goes to Naomi.

Taken out of context, Ruth’s statement to Naomi is pretty darn romantic… In fact, Ruth’s entire relationship with Boaz is about taking care of Naomi.

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