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The basic concept is that you choose keywords that you think your potential customers will search, and you bid on putting your ad as one of the sponsored search results at the top of the page.Of course, Ad Words has gotten way more sophisticated as the online advertising world has evolved.Paying for traffic can be a powerful tool for marketers.2017 emarketer survey found that 42% of small and medium businesses consider Facebook and other social ads to be the most effective marketing method available to them — better than their own websites or email lists!Do you want to use text, images, video, slideshows, or collections?The upside of Facebook is that it’s possible to reach exactly who you want in exactly the way you want to reach them (sometimes, hilarity ensues).

Their options are a display ad, a sponsored post in people’s feeds, or In Mail ads.

Depending on the kind of marketing you’re buying, you could pay per click (PPC), pay per view (PPV), pay per acquisition/action (PPA), or just pay a flat rate for each instance, for example with an influencer you generally purchase a certain number of posts.

With some old-fashioned display advertising, you might just pay to keep your ad displayed for a certain amount of time.

If your Ad Words are killing it, it might be worth a try. Facebook advertising is a must for anyone paying for traffic.

But Facebook has LOTS of options, and they’re changing constantly.

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Now you can use dynamic search ads, a feature that customizes your ads based on what’s on your website and what people are searching without having to fiddle with your list of keywords all the time.

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