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The department of Oueme in southeast Benin was reportedly a primary area of recruitment for child trafficking victims subsequently exploited in the Republic of the Congo.

Most child victims intercepted in Benin, either from Benin or other West African countries, are exploited or en route to exploitation within the country.

The penal code outlaws procuring or offering a person for prostitution and the facilitation of prostitution with punishments of six months to two years imprisonment.

None of these punishments are sufficiently stringent or commensurate with punishments prescribed for other serious crimes.

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A 2016 survey conducted in the cities of Cotonou in southern Benin and Malanville in northern Benin indicated that girls are subjected to sexual exploitation, including potential sex trafficking, in these two cities.

The prevalence of other STIs also fell significantly in the same period: gonorrhoea 43.2 to 6.4% and chlamydia 9.4 to 2.8%.

Benin is a source, transit, and destination country for women, children subjected to sex trafficking.

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