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It's another thing to mislead them and put them on an entirely different show.

That's pretty much what happened during Season 5 of The CW series when the geeks awaited their beauty teammates.

During an interview on (via au), Cosgrove was tight-lipped when asked if the pair had ever gotten "naked with each other." Finlayson wasn't as discreet and told Australian listeners that the star had been a virgin and is "secretly proud" of their behind-the-scenes hookup.

According to might have actually cut out the most intense moments.

Be it the time Mensa member Brad Hooker locked lips with model Erika Rumsey or a steamy game of strip poker, the relationships on the show seemed oh-so real.

Unfortunately, they were effectively forbidden after the series, at least until it aired on TV.

Touted as a social experiment rather than a run-of-the-mill reality show, it brought together polar opposites — the geekiest, most socially awkward men casting directors could find and seemingly shallow bombshells — and forced them to work together to complete challenges.

The show's popularity erupted into international success with offshoots in both the UK and Australia, but not everything was as happy-go-lucky as it seemed on the surface.

A then 22-year-old Lachlan Cosgrove (above left) had fallen into the arms of his beauty Jordan Finlayson (above right).

The show was occasionally even more grueling off-camera than it was on (despite the exaggerated love affairs).

We already know Season 3 of the Australian version saved us the details of a castmate's lost virginity, but the American version was also equally as dulled down.

that the show actually "toned down" his near breakdown and a lot of what was said in the house.

The star was cut off from his phone, the internet and anyone who could give him outside support, making the situation particularly difficult.

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In an interview with , Season 3 contestant Niels Hoven claimed cast members were sequestered in a hotel with very little outside interaction the week before filming.

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