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I am sure i can get back to the same state in 2-3 days.

Okay so basically I decided to create this guide I believe will help even average looking guys get matches and actual dates.

I use this and girls who usually reply with a few words will suddenly reply with a whole para listing their qualities which is an IOI (Indicator of Interest)OR(A girl wearing black in most of her photos. (If you say “hey” after matching if they are interested they still won’t reply”) I would say this has like an 90% chance of getting a reply if your profile is good.

Trust me you will find many) “ Sue me even though you look good but all black is too bland. The way I express I like someone I will say “I like you. Next, her bla bla reply you say “pass it back on our date” Yeah the football also makes you look like a fun guy who likes sports.

This crosses off the Do No T Ty P Ly K Di S shit)Looking for a girl to make my life hell (I am looking for a relationship and playfully teasing and appealing because girls believe its their right to be trouble and drama)I like writing books and eating breakfast foods at inappropriate times (I actually do like writing books and my English is really good too the second part subtly tells them I am a foodie not particularly true but I do enjoy good meals who does not) Sidenote: sometimes they ask whats your favourite breakfast food.

Okay you gotta believe in the Law of abundance don’t get stuck on a single match. Even an insult is better than a generic compliment (don’t try to pull that off yet). “Beauty is being born into a good gene pool you got lucky but what makes you YOU?

Honestly, I feel guys tend to do this because they aren’t getting enough matches. Do not try to impress the girl by listing your qualities or giving straight up compliments. ” OR “Beauty is a common thing list three qualities you got besides looking pretty” ( Ohh, yeah I’ll explain this 2nd one later it is much more interesting than you think ) Ok so like the nerd you are and you feel good when clear a challenge in a video game.

Some things in this guide take commitment most don’t and can be rectified by spending a little time on yourself. I am not rich I come from a middle class family like any else. I have always been fascinated by human psyche and read a lot of books on the same.

I don’t believe Tinder is really great for starting relationships its rightfully a hookup app in western countries but it is a little different in India so who knows you might actually get lucky and find a soul mate if you believe enough.

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