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Make no mistake: the only difference between Armenia and the Western world is that its queer community is, for the most part, still in the closet, due to institutionalized and widespread homophobia.

There have been several high-profile gay-bashings and assaults in Armenia recently.

Sadly, despite confidence in their new leader, all were pessimistic about their own future.

None expressed hope that the situation would get better regarding hate crimes against LGBT— harassment, gay-bashing, abuse, homophobia and transphobia.

If hate-crimes against people’s family members are ignored and continue to go unpunished, how can they maintain faith in a functioning justice system?And if talented, innovative and educated Armenian citizens are forced to flee to Western Europe or the United States because their homeland does not accept them, how can the country develop?Following May’s Velvet Revolution, the world was awed to witness how a nation practiced non-violent resistance against an oppressive regime and demand change.Terrified for their safety, all expressed a desire to migrate to freer and more progressive countries.According to several studies, a conservative estimate of ten percent of the world’s population is LGBT, and Armenia is no exception.

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