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Here are a few fast facts to know about Matthew, 39, and what he thinks about Reid’s future in “I'm still really good friends with her,” he said after the two split. She's one of the funniest people I know and such a talented actress, a brilliant mind, a warm-hearted person, and I love her and her family.”If you’re looking to impress Matthew, here’s a few tips about what he likes: "I fall in love with wonderful people and people that can't be replicated. Cook) admitted she was in love with Reid in the finale, but it’s unclear if the married agent actually meant it, or was lying to save their lives.

They are completely unique individuals, and those people are really rare and you can't let them go,” he said. So, does this mean #Jeid will finally happen in the last episodes of the show?

Gemini Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Kat Dennings was homeschooled. Kat was enrolled at Friends’ Central School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She completed her high school graduation at the age of 14. Kat debuted with HBO’s television romantic sit-com Sex and the City for her role as Jenny Brier in an episode titled “Hot Child in the City” in 2000.

She debuted with the Disney Channel Original Movie’s The Scream Team for her role as Claire Carlyle. She has lost certain weight over the past few months and has achieved a noticeably better body frame.

Clearly, this is the result of her dedicated workout sessions and eating more careful diet than before.

Max Black, “Two Broke Girls”Kat Dennings is cute in a Kate Winslet kind of way.

She wore them for almost the entire production of Nick & Norah, changing into her screen denims only when the movie’s gruelling month-long night shoot demanded it.“We’d arrive on set when most people were going home from work,” she says, describing the late night set-up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in November 2007. In reality, of course, these two star-crossed music lovers are trying to find each other. And yet there seems to be direct and conspicuous connections between her on and off-screen personae.

The narrative may be light, the plot complexities rare, but the casting of Dennings is the movie’s genuine coup. ) she is a fabulous antidote to the legions of squeaky blonde twiglets that normally constitute the rising-starlet brigade.“I’m not your typical heroine,” she says, before adding drolly, with a low Lauren Bacall smirk, “But I wouldn’t rule out playing a cheerleader, if the right script came along.”Typically, Dennings has become the first choice for casting directors in search of bookish, slightly introspective girls with a touch of va-va-voom. Even at 14 years old, however, and free from the obligations of education to pursue a career in acting, she says that she could see straight through the entertainment industry.

They are her outfit of choice while at home in LA, on breaks between filming the forthcoming indie drama Arlen Faber and the new Robert Rodriguez action comedy Shorts.

They feature heavily in her regular You Tube video blogs (the true mark of a digital-age star), during which she prances around her bedroom in, alternately, the orange check, grey striped and pink flowery variety. Just my hunting cap, boots and pyjamas.”The movie, a leisurely hipster rom-com from the school of Juno, follows the eponymous protagonists, played by Dennings and Michael Cera (also from Juno), as they ping about the streets of New York, hoping to find the secret midnight venue for an achingly enigmatic punk band called Fluffy.

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Dennings appeared in 2004 American teen musical drama film Raise Your Voice for her role as Sloane.

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