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Considering I doubt believe they have hit the dealer yet, no one has done an upgrade. I would just wait till you take delivery of the car, and then e-mail ae64 for harness info. I was snapping pictures of a 2016 WRX in the showroom while I was waiting for the dealer to install my clear bra. And if you want to upgrade the HU, you will have to buy a 2015 bezel because the 2016 bezel is baked into the stock HU. There are also a few threads on guys wanting to swap in the new starlink, so used ones should be showing up slowing from those conversions.

In person, the new gloss black bezel looks terrible, if you ask me. But the new (2012 STI) wheels look great on the car. Hi everyone, I'm just curious if anybody has done/seen a 2016 WRX aftermarket HU install yet.

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My 2016 WRX won't have the OEM 7" Starlink Navigation, just the basic 6.2" Starlink HU. I had the chance to get a 2016 on order for a good price but decided to go for the 2015 for this reason.

Considering I doubt believe they have hit the dealer yet, no one has done an upgrade. I would just wait till you take delivery of the car, and then e-mail ae64 for harness info.I really want to put a nice Android Auto HU in my car and the 2016 setup may just make that difficult.This and the k price difference for the exact same trim/upgrades made the 2015 a no brainer for me. The guys doing the 2015s Imprezas have found them for around 0 brand new.However, the dealer had one white manual 2015 WRX left and were offering it to me for a hell of a price.I was still tempted to hold out for the 2016 but the updated radio was a red flag for me.

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