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However, if you wish for something like that, you have multiple options, including but not exclusive to: * IRC (Internet Relay Chat) * ** The most popular IRC client is probably m IRC ( * AIM chat rooms * Windows Live (formerly known as MSN) chat rooms And a host of other instant messaging clients which allow such things. If you want real time conversation, there is IRC (Internet Relay Chat), Yahoo chat groups, and other things like that.There are hundreds of different types of networks used for different purposes and using any number of protocols.I’ve been on some websites and have to say some are very different from others.

Most people aren't to familiar with IRC these days though.Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a popular method of chatting and sharing files online. Most have nothing to do with technology but more than one do. Numerous IRC clients are more popular than others on the Internet. For Linux, XChat (also known as X-Chat) is a popular choice. Information you place in an IRC chat room is public and not secured therefore other people and not the intended recipient of your personal information could see your information and use this for identity fraud or could track you down.Internet Relay Chat Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet chat or synchronous conferencing.If you havn't been online for many years you may not… IRC has been around since the early ages of the internet and is still alive today.IRC is made up of several servers connected to each other.

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