16 year old dating 21 year old uk

It's not a massive age difference, but I would probably question a bit why he's not looking for someone his own age?However, I'm 24 and have 16 year old friends through work who are very mature and act more like they're 18/19 to me.However, he regularly came home every few weeks or so, and they Skyped etc.He often stays over at our house (separate rooms) and we took the decision this Oct time that as the relationship seemed to be long term and serious, and as she was now in the Sixth Form that she could go to stay with him at uni for the weekend.my first real boyfriend was 21 I was 17 it worked out ok although he wanted to go to the pub I always got ID so we never really did much fizzled out after 8 months but if they are happy leave them 4 years is nothing imo If it's any comfort to you my 16 yo DD has a 20 yo bf.They've been together about 15 months now and he is a lovely boy.They seem happy with the situation and their relationship so hopefully we've got it about right.Epic bolding fail there sowornout - you sound like you are handling it really, really well.

If you are anti him you are more likely to make her even more determined to be with him. I think it depends totally on the bloke and the girl in question.I'd probably keep eyes open/be wary, especially of any power issues, but I wouldn't freak out about it.Also I guess it might be an issue if he's more experienced than her sexually, but if he's a decent guy he won't be pressuring her anyway.When he stays here I always put him in spare room, but I'm pretty sure that at his place they share a bed. Everything I did or didn't do at that time was 'that sod's fault' .(He and his mother have a flat in our home town and bf and DD are often round there instead). My parents did the right thing - they realised that if they banned him, I'd be attracted to him more, so they let it run it's natural course. My parents didn't like him (for pathetic reasons separate to his age), did not approve of the age gap, suddenly decided I needed a curfew (even though I hadn't had one before, even with other boyfriends), generally made life bloody unbearable. Them constantly banging on about it made me more stubborn about staying with him, way beyond when I would have if I wasn't proving them wrong!

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