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When both users “like” each other, they can connect and chat via Snapchat — sending any photos they choose — even if they have never met.

However, unlike Tinder (who only allows users of 18), Yellow has no checks in place to verify ages.

We often assume the online dating world is strictly adults only, but as it turns out this isn’t always the case.

Because credit cards are normally age-restricted, paid dating services are fairly effective at keeping out underage users – but lots of dating sites and apps are free and don’t have such robust checks. Tinder was one of them until recently, with 7% of its users aged between 13 and 17 (outnumbering 35 to 44-year-olds).

Tinder’s minimum age was 13 until June 2016, when they announced plans to make the service 18 .

The previous age limit was heavily criticised, with some arguing it could put teens at risk and expose them to inappropriate contact.

Snapchat has systems in place, so it’s pretty difficult for users to find strangers — but with Yellow, any stranger can add your child and vice versa.

Being in my forties, I missed the whole Internet dating scene that’s apparently all the rage today.

important to explain your concerns and talk to them about staying safe.

It’s safest for under 18s to avoid online dating, but if you do discover that your teen uses Tinder, here are some things for you (and your child) to keep in mind: 1.

If you want a relationship, there are many other safer ways to meet people your age.

Your age is a target for predators and for this reason I recommend avoiding any sort of online meeting or relationship sites. If you choose to ignore this and seek relationships online, video chat the person first before meeting them in person.

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