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Nearly 36,900 undergraduate students and 17,700 graduate students pursued a degree entirely online.More than 56% of those exclusively online students live in the state, with the remainder attending online colleges in Missouri while living elsewhere.In 2016, the NCES estimated that 401,094 students took classes at a degree-granting postsecondary institution in the state.This number represents a 12% decline in the number of students pursuing higher education in Missouri since 2011, though enrollment remains significantly higher than it was in 2000.About 125 postsecondary institutions operate in Missouri.The state recognizes 27 public institutions, 54 private and nonprofit colleges and universities, and an additional 44 for-profit schools.

These costs fall in the middle of the spectrum when comparing prices at other flagship universities across the country.

Our profiles review how schools approach online education and list their services for distance students and their popular, fully online degrees.

After reviewing the best online schools in Missouri, explore our state resources, like a database of every college and university in Missouri or our index of popular in-state scholarships.

The University of Missouri-Columbia, affectionately known as Mizzou, is the system's flagship university and offers more than 100 online degree and certificate programs.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) tallied 125 colleges and universities in Missouri during the 2015-2016 school year.

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